Kacific has flagged the start of the Pacific Satellite Connectivity project in Samoa, under which the firm provides five schools in the island nation access to the internet through its small satellite dishes.

Kacific operates satellite broadband services across the Pacific, with a focus on connecting remote and rural island communities with reliable, affordable internet through a small and maintenance-free satellite dish.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Afioga Afamasaga Lepuia’i Rico Tupai, and the Office of the Regulator, the Itu o Tane College Staff Students and the Matautu District recently officially opened the project at Itu o Tane College, Avao, Savaii.

Students can now access more tutors for online tutorials, materials and assistance anytime from anywhere. The Itu o Tane College has two computer labs, one of which is dedicated as a learning Centre and the other for classes from Yr 9 to Yr 13 which now has internet access for the first time.

“We are excited to work alongside the Office of the Regulator of Samoa and the International Telecommunication Union on the Pacific Satellite Connectivity Project.” says Matteo Catanuto, Sales Director for Kacific’s New Zealand and Pacific Region.

“Kacific offers satellite broadband to ensure better social and economic outcomes in the Pacific Islands. This project will enable vital infrastructure and more opportunities for the school children and their wider communities.”