The emergence of artificial Intelligence should not be seen as a threat but opening a plethora of opportunities for jobs, business and individual ventures, according to transformation strategist and founder of The Strategy Group, and AGSM Fellow Jeffrey Tobias.

Tobias, who will be a co-presenter at next month’s Artificial Intelligence and Creative Intelligence seminar in Sydney said that recent research showed that only 5 per cent of digital transformations proved successful. “Organisations need to understand how to adapt to the new world of AI and what effects the new digital economy will have on them,” he emphasised.

Tobias – who previously served as Cisco’s global lead for Innovation Strategy in the Internet Business Solutions Group – said that while the future for society is bright with the continuing onset of AI, there will be many who will suffer job losses and insecurity.

“However, this is not new; technology has been shaping our workforce through every industrial revolution so far,” he added.  “The many company leaders do not even begin to understand the problems and challenges their organisations face before commencing a digital transformation, often featuring AI.”

“It is important for leaders to understand how the digital economy is eroding their companies’ current business models, the many opportunities offered and timeframes in digital transformation, as well as the need bring the entire organisation along for the journey,” Tobias said, adding that only after considering these factors organisations, faced with disruption of their usually out-of-date business models, could actually benefit from the process of digital transformation.

Dr Tobias will be joined by experts, Bem Le Hunte, Associate Professor Faculty and Founding Director of the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS, together with Professor Bogdan Gabrys, Professor of Data Science in the Faculty of Engineering and IT, UTS,  to break down these concepts at a seminar next month.