Juniper Networks has announced an upgraded services processing card, which it says can deliver up to an 11-fold performance boost across a range of key performance metrics to its SRX5000 line of services gateways.

“With the rise of IoT, 5G and hybrid cloud network environments, many of our customers are faced with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands that necessitate a security platform that can scale while protecting the network against an advanced and high-volume cyberattack landscape,”  said Juniper Network Director of Security Portfolio Marketing  Amy James.

“[The] SRX5000 line of firewalls with SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration ensures our customers have powerful security without sacrificing the performance, scale and agility needed to stay aligned with changing business needs,” she added.

The firm said the new card was designed to help service providers, cloud providers and enterprises meet the diverse and high security demands of multi cloud, internet of things, 5G and the enterprise edge while continuing to offer customers investment protection with their SPC2 installed base.

“Mobile devices, IoT and media streaming are driving traffic to increase exponentially, requiring service providers, cloud providers and enterprise data centres to fortify their infrastructure with more powerful and efficient security platforms, helping them to better defend against the increasing volumes of cyber threats,” it said.

Juniper’s new Advanced Security Acceleration product provides protection that will grow with customers as their traffic and security needs increase. A key component of Juniper’s unified cybersecurity platform, the company said the card targets customers seeking to secure their networks without sacrificing performance or scale