Juniper Networks expands Ericsson partnership to provide ‘seamless’ joint 5G offering

Juniper Networks has expanded its 18-year partnership with Ericsson to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end 5G service, bringing together each company’s complementary portfolios.

The firms are now offering service providers a complete 5G transport network service designed to manage the new requirements of next-generation mobile service delivery.

The offering includes Juniper Networks’ WAN services and IP transport, and Ericsson’s Router 6000 and MINI-LINK microwave portfolio for distributed, centralised and virtualised radio access. ‘In addition, [it builds on] Juniper’s Unified Cybersecurity Platform to secure the entire 5G mobile infrastructure against ever-expanding and sophisticated threats,” the Sunnyvale-based company added.

The service covers everything from radio to core for new-service delivery while managing mounting complexity, Juniper Networks said. “5G is expected to be a game changer for the next generation of business and consumer services, but the increase in connectivity, network traffic and customer expectations will likely create new challenges for managing the mobile transport network in a cost-effective way,” it added.

Specifically, the firm said emerging 5G use cases, including connected cars, AR/VR and 8K video streaming, and the associated 5G radio requirements needed to support these diverse applications could place additional demands across the network.

“Capacity, connectivity, latency, synchronisation, reliability and security needs will all require tighter integration between the 5G radio, core and transport layers of an end-to-end mobile network,” Juniper Networks added.

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