Huawei has launched a new Intent-Driven IP wide area network service, designed to maximise the business value of WANS.

The service – unveiled at the CeBit  consumer electronics information and communications expo in Hannover – provides fast service provisioning, and enables fast fault locating and rectification.

“This solution provides ultra-large bandwidth and simplified network layers, greatly improving bandwidth utilization and maximizing the business value of WANs,” it added.

“It collects service and network information in real time and automatically delivers configurations and paths to optimize service traffic,” the firm said. “In this solution, the WAN transforms from passive response to intelligent adjustment according to customer intents. Agile Controller-based network-wide intelligent control can support efficient operations and bandwidth evolution of enterprise cloud services. Agile Controller can quickly bring services online and optimize network-wide traffic in real time, improving bandwidth utilization from 30% to 80% and effectively lowering OPEX.

“All-cloud services are gaining increasing momentum among enterprises,” said Huawei VP of Router and Carrier Ethernet Product Line May Ye. “To cope with the exponential traffic growth in the future, WANs must adopt an ultra-broadband and simplified architecture. Huawei’s Intent-Driven IP WAN solution can help enterprises and service providers achieve business success through service innovation and fast cloud-based transformation.”