Huawei, Three UK unveil 5G home broadband capability

Huawei and Three UK have demonstrated a 5G home broadband technology using Three UK’s 100 MHz C-Band spectrum, highlighting what the Shenzhen-based firm tipped as   the transformative capability of 5G services.

The demonstration at at the 2018 Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum,utilised Huawei’s latest home broadband routers – the first 5G commercial terminals in the world – to allow forum attendees to experience ultra-high-speed 5G broadband services, such as cloud gaming and 4K video streaming.

Following the pre-commercial network tests that Huawei and Three conducted earlier this year, the service is expected to deliver a maximum download speed of 2 Gbps with an average of 1 Gbps for a single user.

Huawei said it will continue to work with Three to conduct further 5G service tests in the UK, which are expected to be released to the public in densely-populated urban areas and train stations – paving the way for the full commercial use of 5G networks in 2019.

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