Australian SD-WAN provider Fusion says its decision to migrate its software-defined WAN services to IBM Cloud has resulted in considerable business benefits such as the ability to support a 400 per cent growth of its SD-WAN offerings.

Fusion has been providing total carrier and technology agnostic SD-WAN services for some ten years, enabling private networks between multiple locations to deliver faster speeds, failover protection and redundancy.

Fusion Broadband MD Jason Maude said its former infrastructure was at the point where rapid growth had put pressure on capacity demands at several locations.

“We were receiving more support calls purely through load and growth constraints. Changes had to be made. Investigations led us to partner with IBM and with a rapid deployment of less than 24 hours, we migrated most of our load off our primary point of presence in Sydney into the IBM Cloud,” Maude said.

“Now 80 per cent of our SD-WAN network is spread across IBM sites in Sydney and Melbourne along with other IBM locations,” he said. “We also allow our clients to build their own SD-WAN network in the IBM Cloud anywhere in the world.”

“It has also given us a significant amount of headroom in network capacity. In fact, over a four-month period, the IBM architecture was able to support 400 per cent growth in Fusion’s SD-WAN services.

“Our own management requirements have reduced with support calls dropping significantly. Because we’re running the infrastructure at 20 per cent instead of 80 per cent, we’ve got a much more robust environment.”