ARRIS-made Foxtel iQ4 set-top box and Professional Services help bring 4K and faster, smoother video experience to Foxtel subscribers

Today, we announced that Foxtel’s highly anticipated iQ4 set-top box, made by ARRIS, is powering 4K TV for Foxtel subscribers across Australia.

Foxtel’s iQ4 ushers in a new era of 4K TV for Australia, as the go-to set-top for Australia’s first, dedicated, 4K broadcast channel. The design introduces key advancements in set top box technology. Foxtel subscribers will appreciate the immersive new 4K video experience, snappier, more responsive navigation, more flexible wireless connectivity, and greater access to new features and applications as they become available.

The iQ4 represents a new standard in set-top technology. It combines broadcast satellite, terrestrial and IP capabilities into a single device, featuring a powerful new processor, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 1000GB hard-drive, Bluetooth remote control, and support for 4K and HDR video. By using the iQ4 to deliver new 4K services over satellite, Foxtel improves the video experience for their subscribers.

Millions of Foxtel subscribers across Australia can now upgrade to the iQ4 and tap into Foxtel’s 4K channel, along with a massive library of on-demand TV series and movies to stream On Demand. For more information on Foxtel’s iQ4, please visit:

Foxtel partnered with ARRIS and our Professional Services team to design and engineer the iQ4 for optimal performance in the Foxtel network. We developed the software platform to deliver a 4K viewing experience and increase viewer engagement with features like automatic next-episode play and sports fan targeting with the Team-Link feature that provides automatic links to sports and team content. We collaborated closely with Foxtel using incremental software delivery techniques to provide early visibility into the intended viewer experience. Ultimately, we delivered an on-time launch of an exceptional experience that’s delighting Australian viewers.

“Foxtel is ushering in a new era of entertainment with the support of key suppliers like ARRIS. Our customers’ reaction to our new iQ4 set-top has been overwhelming—they love the new experience and features,” said Mike Ivanchenko, Group Director, Product Design & Development, Foxtel. “ARRIS’s technology and services have helped ensure that Foxtel continues to deliver the most advanced video services in Australia. With the iQ4, we’re proud to offer Australia’s first ever, dedicated, 4K satellite channel, giving our subscribers unprecedented access to the best entertainment programming available.”

Foxtel’s iQ4 launch is the culmination of a long-standing partnership between ARRIS and Foxtel to redefine television in Australia. This project highlights our continued residential leadership and our combined expertise in software integration and professional services. By bringing together broadcast satellite, terrestrial, and IP video delivery in one powerful device, ARRIS and Foxtel are setting a new standard for set-top technology and making the next generation of 4K video available to millions of subscribers across Australia.