Colt expands IQ network into slew of EdgeconneX Edge data centers

EdgeConneX has teamed with Colt Technology Services, with the partnership allowing Colt to connect its 100Gbps optimised global IQ network into several  EdgeConneX’s facilities, beginning with its Amsterdam Edge data center.

“This will enable Colt to address the growing local and global demands for connectivity at the edge,” said EdgeConneX.

Colt’s IQ network covers key global cloud aggregation points with multiple 100Gbps transatlantic and transpacific connections, in addition to 100Gbps links in the Asia-Pacific region. The network is distributed across some 850 data centers and carrier hotels and over 26,000 on-net buildings worldwide.

“Colt will be an excellent partner in our Internet ecosystem and our customers will receive access to an expansive network of key aggregation points around the world, providing a new level of fiber connectivity unlike anything previously available,” said  EdgeConneX EMEA MD Dick Theunissen.


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