Sydney-based call analytics firm Delacon is stepping up its international expansion, opening an innovation centre in India to service local and global partners and develop the next generation of call tracking and analytics services.

The office in Chennai is the eighth for the Australian-owned business, which enables brands and agencies to optimise marketing campaigns by accurately measuring and attributing every call to its marketing channel. It also has operations in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Japan.
As well as servicing advertisers and agencies in India, Delacon is capitalising on the highly skilled Indian workforce to develop new products and services and support its global clients.
“Marketing spend is predicted to hit $15 billion in India by 2020 and there are already more than one billion mobile phone subscribers,” said Delacon CEO Michael Center. “Advertisers increasingly need to accurately measure and attribute, through call analytics, which marketing channels are delivering the best return on investment, which means the opportunities for Delacon are significant in this rapidly growing market.”
“In addition, the talent available in India in relation to technology, telephony, data and speech analytics makes it ideally suited to lead the development of the next generation of call analytic solutions we want to deliver to our clients.”