Huawei Australia tips ACCC acceptance of TPG claims vendor’s role in planned mobile net build is pivotal vindicates 5G case

Huawei Australia has provided evidence in the Federal Court proceedings no. 818 of 2019, Vodafone Hutchison Australia versus the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission & Anor.

According to the Shenzhen-based vendor, the evidence it offered supports TPG’s propositions that it is unable to roll out a mobile network in Australia without Huawei, and that the products that the network specialist proposed to provide to TPG were superior in terms of technology, quality and costs.

Specifically, Huawei  Australia said as part of the proceedings it provided four affidavits to TPG which were served by the operator in support of its joint application with VHA for a declaration from the Federal Court of Australia. “The ACCC has not objected to the content of the affidavits at all and, as part of its acceptance of the Huawei evidence, no Huawei witness was called for cross-examination,” it added.

As a result, Huawei Australia said this constituted “therefore, uncontested evidence of fact that has been accepted by the Australian Federal government authority.”

“We are very pleased that the ACCC has accepted our proposition that our 5G products are world-leading and cannot be replicated by any of our competitors,” said Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs at Huawei Australia.

“It is therefore even more regrettable that Australians will not be able to access our world leading 5G technology and will pay more for inferior technology and get poorer quality 5G.”

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