As a co-Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm’s goal is to assist Australians with their everyday budget to gain financial security. Holm has spent 17 years of his career in financial services and is well-versed in the industry issues families are faced with.

Holm spent the first ten years of his career working for some of the four major banking institutions. During that time, he saw realized that Australian families were receiving a poor deal from financial institutions with a one-size-fits-all approach to products and services. Passionate about finance and disappointed with the lack of institutional advice, support, and services for Australian families, Holmes and his partner, Rebecca Walker, founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013. It has become one of the fastest growing money management service companies in Australia.

The customer-focused approach provides clients with a personal banker to help them create budgets, assess their monthly performance, and pay off loans. As Infinity Group Australia reviews a client’s progress toward wealth creation, results are made. Statistically, clients of Infinity Group Australia have paid off a larger amount of their mortgages in the first 3 months with the company than they paid in the 12 months prior with their previous bank structure. The guidance and support provides clients with the ability to eliminate debt within one year. Having a financial coach and sticking to the budget and savings plan created helps clients reduce daily interest charges, avoid excessive spending, and pay off their home loan in record time.

Holm credits collaboration as the key to the company’s success. His experience has taught him that it is through collaboration that employee ideas become stronger and gain traction. Infinity Group Australia reviews suggestions provided by employees and encourages employees to collaborate. They believe this benefits the company as they implement innovative ideas quickly and effectively.

Also instrumental to the growth of the company is their excellent customer service. They are committed to creating a positive customer experience with dedicated services and customer-centric products, recently winning the 2018 “Overall Best Organization CX” in Australia at the Customer Experience Management Awards.

In his own life, Graeme Holm implements the same positive principles that drive his business. Holm starts his day with both mental and physical exercise which improves his ability to tackle the day ahead.

Holm starts his workday with the mantra “eat the frog”. Every day he deals with his most difficult to-do list item in order to propel him into the rest of the day with a mindset of confidence. He believes that confidence offers charisma by helping him walk taller and speak more confidently.

Additionally, Holm separates daily tasks into two categories, the first being transactional items and the second transformational items. The transformational items are those tasks that have the potential to change his business. He often delegates transactional tasks to appropriate staff whose job it is to see those items through. Holm attends to transformational tasks himself. Then, at the end of the day, he writes a list of what he wants his top five transformational actions to be the following day. Those become the next five goals he will be committed to act on tomorrow.

Holm’s advice for those looking for a personal banker or to become one themselves is to not deal with anyone who does not demonstrate integrity and a strong set of moral values. He believes in the impact that occurs even when dealing with one person whose standards are not in line with your personal values. By staying true to his passion and his dream, Holm is able to move forward to his goals of helping clients to achieve ultimate success.