China Mobile, Huawei demo first 8K VR broadcast

China Mobile 5G Innovation Center  has partnered Huawei to unveil the first 5G network based 8K VR live broadcast.

According to Huawei, VR is destined to become a popular future application and is already growing increasingly recognized throughout the industry as one of the top 5G services.

181107-1Compared with technically mature 4K VR live broadcast (requiring 50–80 Mbps data rate), 8K VR services require a higher data rate (100–160 Mbps) and wider bandwidth. “The faster network speed and increased display resolution will allow users to benefit from a more detailed, true-to-life, and immersive experience,” said Huawei.

The 8K VR live broadcast was provided courtesy of a 5G network instituted by Zhejiang Mobile, which comprises Huawei developed 5G C-band sites and the core network. “Owing to the favorable uplink and downlink transmission conditions (bandwidth over 100 MHz) in the 5G network, the 8K VR 360° camera captured picturesque South Lake views and then uploaded the compiled videos for cloud rendering in real time,” said the handset maker.

“The scenery videos were then downloaded at an ultra-high 5G speed to VR headsets,” it added. “The breathtaking panorama of islands scattered throughout the lake, combined with red boats and gardens feature such vividly accurate colors and rich details that allow audiences to enjoy a fully immersive and mesmerizing sightseeing experience.” 

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