Big Switch offers network telemetry for pervasive security and deeper visibility

Big Switch Networks has unveiled new upgrades to its Big Monitoring Fabric, to enable network and security operations teams to capture cloud-native data centre network traffic at scale and deliver deep application-level analytics.

Its Big Mon Recorder Node addition facilitates high-performance packet recording, querying and replay functions, while the Big Mon Analytics Node provides improved network visibility to monitor, detect and troubleshoot network and application performance issues as well as speed up security breach discovery.

The firm said the upgrades allowed customers to access deep network telemetry for both cloud-based and traditional data centre scenarios. with the ability to replay past conversations across users and applications.

“Big Switch has pioneered the use of cloud-native networking architectures to achieve pervasive network visibility and enhanced network security,” said Prashant Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, Big Switch Networks. “With the launch of Analytics Node and Recorder Node, Big Switch further distances itself from legacy box-based solutions, offering unmatched network telemetry to achieve root cause analysis, breach mitigation, and faster mean time to resolution.”

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