The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association has welcomed the appointment of Paul Fletcher as Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts .

The Association, which said it looked forward to working together to support Australia’s ongoing development and leadership in mobile telecommunications, emphasised that the appointment comes at a timely moment for the mobile sector.

Newly appointed Comms Minister Paul Fletcher

Indeed, AMTA said the launch of 5G would prove an obvious priority requiring the new Minister ‘s engagement to ensure a policy and regulatory climate “that allows Australia and Australians to leverage the full potential of the latest generation mobile services. “

AMTA CEO Chris Althaus billed the mobile industry as a key enabler of economic growth. “The rollout of 5G will deliver even more significant economic and social benefits, enhancing productivity, GDP and employment opportunities to name a few, so it is crucial that the government maintains its focus on this opportunity,” he said.

“We congratulate Paul Fletcher and very much look forward to working with the Minister who brings a wealth of direct portfolio experience and knowledge to his new role as Communications Minister,” Althaus added.

“This is an important time for industry and government collaboration, as we need to ensure a clear path for network deployment and allocation of spectrum is developed to enable an effective 5G future that will benefit Australian business and society while keeping Australia at the forefront of next generation mobile telecommunications.”

“AMTA also thanks and acknowledges outgoing Minister Fifield for his contribution to the Communications portfolio and congratulates him on his appointment as Australia’s next Ambassador to the United Nations,” Althaus said.