Motorola Solutions snaps up US$47m deal to replace Oakland County public safety comms system

Motorola Solutions has inked an agreement with Oakland County to replace its aging public safety radio system with the ASTRO® 25 land-mobile radio (LMR) network, with the County becoming first Michigan-based customers to  benefit fo Motorola Solutions’ “Phase  technology that will more than double the number of users on one system.

 In addition to interoperability, the ASTRO® 25 land-mobile radio (LMR) network which will internet with the statewide Michigan Public Safety Communication System – will provide Oakland County’s public safety departments countywide paging of fire fighters with new 700/800 MHz pagers.

Oakland County will also be the first user in Michigan to utilize Motorola Solutions’ phase 2 technology – a capability that will more than double the number of users on one\


ichard van der Draay is in Kuala Lumpur

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