Nokia flags 42 worldwide commercial 5G deals

Nokia is highlighting having won 42 commercial 5G contracts with international operators, and 22 with named customers such as T-Mobile, Telia Company and Softbank.

Including these agreements, the firm said its involvement in 5G deals, trials and demos equalled some 100 5G customer engagements to date.

“The pace of 5G progress is accelerating across the globe, ” said Nokia president and CEO Raheev Suri. “We are delivering significant performance increases to operators and the power of Nokia’s end-to-end portfolio is being recognized. In fact, in pretty much every network where Nokia products are deployed, we are the performance leader. Here and now – at the beginning of one of the most radical technology transitions ever with 4G giving way to 5G – this is Nokia’s time to shine.”

Since the announcement of the 30th commercial 5G contract at the end of March Nokia has seen an average of one major contract win each week – with a steady pipeline in place for further agreements.

Nokia’s ability to deliver on crucial network transformation goals has been rewarded by the confidence shown in the company from our existing customers,” it added. “To date, every 4G customer that has come to us to investigate how we may work with them for 5G has selected Nokia as a vendor and cumulatively we believe we have a higher share with these customers in 5G than we had in 4G.”

Nokia’s in house 5G mmWave Small Cells and AirScale BTS provide in-building and outdoor coverage, while its Microwave AnyhaulCloud native RAN, antennas, and 5G cloud-native core account for about half of it agreements to date.

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