NetComm has launched a new 5G Fixed Wireless self-installation capability, allowing network operators to dramatically cut the time and cost of providing ultra-fast broadband to customers.

NetComm said that although Fixed Wireless technology has been suggested as one of the key drivers of early 5G rollouts, its potential has been limited by the fact that some early pre-standard 5G launches have seen operators having to install an external antenna in order to connect customers.

“The time and cost of connecting equipment at the customer premises threatens to stifle the 5G Fixed Wireless market by making services unprofitable when deploying at large scale,” it added, saying its new 5G self-install platform offers operators a cost-effective plug-and-play model enabling them to significantly cut the time and cost of connecting homes and businesses to 5G Fixed Wireless services.

The platform allows end-users to get the best possible connection via an application on their phone that connects to their new modem and the 5G network, guiding the end-user to the best position for their modem to be placed in the house.

Because of the varying characteristics of the 5G Fixed Wireless market – with different spectrum bands and cell sizes being used – NetComm’s portfolio of devices for the marketplace support both sub 6GHz bands as well as mmWave.

“No new technology can succeed unless there is an easy way to deploy it and our self-install platform is a game-changer for the economics of 5G Fixed Wireless,” said NetComm Director of Marketing and Communications Els Baert. “It is great for end-users as they don’t have to stay home waiting for a technician to turn up – they can get online in minutes once they have plugged in their hardware.”

We have worked to make sure that our 5G Fixed Wireless platform delivers an exceptional connection quality on a level with what end-users have come to expect from fixed-broadband services delivered over fibre or cable,” Baert said.

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