Telstra to boost APAC customers’ network services offering as it ramps up fibre subsea infrastructure using Infinera tech

Telstra and Infinera have flagged  a major boost to the telco’s network services for customers in Asia Pacific, opting to “significantly increase” the fibre capacity of its subsea infrastructure using Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine 4.

As part of an ongoing partnership, Telstra said Infinera’s fourth-generation ICE4 optical engine is being rolled out across its own APAC subsea infrastructure, increasing the capacity, agility and reliability of its network.

It said  the ICE4 subsea service allowed it to rapidly activate new capacity for customers, delivering multi-terabit capacity with low power consumption and high reliability. 

“ICE4 increases Telstra’s fibre capacity by 160 per cent and port density by 140 per cent, while also decreasing power consumption, allowing [us] to continually improve network services for customers,” the firm said.

Telstra Network Planning Principal Andy Lumsdem said that Telstra was committed to continually developing its network to support the increasing demand for data right across the APAC region.

“Our commitment to our Asia Pacific customers means we are always adapting and creating capacity where it is needed. This means we are continually working to deploy new technologies that enhance our existing network and complement our latest capacity investments,” Lumsden said.

“With Infinera’s ICE4 optical engine, we are deploying the latest technology across our network. We can now provision new services faster than ever before, which is critical in a region when capacity demand on our international networks has almost doubled over the past two years,” he added. 

Telstra has the largest subsea cable network in the region, reaching some than 400,000km and enough to circle the world almost 10 times.

Infinera VP of Sales Andrew Bond-Webster said early testing on the rollout had delivered strong results. 

“ICE4, our latest optical engine, enables Telstra to deliver multi-terabit capacity cost effectively with low power consumption and with the reliability required for subsea networks to perform,” he said. “We have partnered with Telstra for a decade, and work collaboratively to co-create solutions that respond rapidly to changing data consumption and the growth of bandwidth-heavy applications.” 

Telstra said its ICE4 network upgrade is expected to be completed in the coming months.

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