Combining voice,video key to enabling critical comms proactive response mode: Motorola Solutions

Combining advanced voice and video capabilities can help facilitate a stronger focus on a proactive first responder strategy to complement an effective response mode, according to Motorola Solutions Australia and New Zealand VP and MD Steven Crutchfield.

Speaking to Telecom Times on the sidelines of the Comms Connect event in Melbourne, Crutchfield said that such a combination greatly benefited first responders’ capabilities on a field level.

“But more importantly [this is also the case] at a command centre level, [where it] becomes a very, very powerful combination to coordinate those resources effectively,” he emphasised.

Crutchfield also called to mind the firm’s acquisition – in March – of Avigilon, a Vancouver-based firm which specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing video surveillance software and equipment.

“You know, [it’s] that Nirvana we’re pushing for of predict and prevent, as opposed to just respond and react,” he said. “That power of voice and video together can help facilitate that in an enormous way.”

“And it’s not just video from a pure context point of view, it’s also the ongoing analysis of video, and getting to that proactive state of being able to say: ‘It looks like, smells like a situation, therefore let’s get ahead of the curve and take action’.”

Crutchfield said that at its core, Motorola Solutions’ proposition centred on coordinating and overseeing the collaboration between large fleets of vehicles and or people.

“I think that, more and more, this point about coordination and collaboration of these field teams, whether it’s police officers or people on a mine site, or prison guards in a correctional facility, [will have to mean] giving them more power in their hands to do their job,” said Crutchfield. “Obviously, voice is a critical part of that, both operationally and response…  then, more and more, video will become a very important point in that.”  

Richard van der Draay was in Melbourne as a guest of Motorola Solutions

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