Vodafone targets Chinese tourists with Australia-wide Alipay partnership

Vodafone has struck a strategic partnership with Alipay, which will enable 110 of the carrier’s stores across Australia to accept China’s primary payment method.

Under the agreement, Vodafone will offer Chinese tourists their preferred QR code payment method in-store, opening a new marketing channel to reach Chinese nationals before, during and after their visits to Australia.

Vodafone will utilise Alipay’s  in-app marketing functionality to promote its pre-paid sim cards to Chinese nationals on holiday or travelling for business.

Vodafone  – which noted it is the first major telco in Australia to sign an agreement with Alipay – said that following a successful testing period, the technology has now been switched on nationwide.

“This includes Vodafone stores in each of its international airport locations where it is targeting Chinese visitors who want to access local mobile services shortly after touching down,” it added, noting that Alipay has some 700 million active users in China and that about 10,000 Australian merchants accept Alipay payments.

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