SAP targets telcos with new streamlined subscription services

SAP has announced a new subscription-based telco and media accelerator for the SAP Commerce service that includes a self-care dashboard for full account visibility and management, along with back-office tools for added services such as tariff changes and subscription renewals.

A utilities accelerator is also available. These accelerators fully support the TM Forum for Information Framework (SID), an industry standard for data-sharing between applications and integration of legacy systems.

Primary industry telecommunications providers rely on the telco and media accelerator for SAP Commerce to deliver a comprehensive and integrated customer experience across communication channels, SAP explained.

“Subscription-based service providers like utilities, telecommunications and media are under significant pressure to provide customers a way to maximize control over purchasing and monetization,” said Matthias Goehler, head of Industries & Product Management, SAP Customer Experience. “Service providers need to be able to customize and repackage offerings from the smallest to the highest scale. Updates to the telco and media accelerator for SAP Commerce allow providers to more easily onboard subscribers and manage the lifecycle experiences of their end users, helping them to speed up the implementation process and finally reduce cost of ownership.”

Further updates to SAP’s offerings include:

  • Self-care dashboards that provide customers visibility into their entire profile, account, subscriptions, payments and interactions and the ability to manage their accounts and subscriptions in real time
  • Compliance with TM Forum SID standards, allowing for easy integration with legacy systems — such as billing and TM Forum application programming interfaces (API)s — to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase average revenues per user (ARPU)
  • Configurable guided selling based on complex bundled product offerings to simplify purchasing while leveraging flexible pricing, price overrides, compatibility, eligibility and purchase flow types

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