Coriant showcases 600 Gbps single wavelength transmission

Munich-based networking specialist Coriant has claimed a successful demonstration of a 600 Gigabits per second (Gbps) single wavelength transmission over the its Groove G30 Open Line System (OLS).

“[Using] the newest addition to the Groove G30 Multiservice Transponder family and CloudWave T technology, the service delivered error free, single wavelength 600 Gbps transmission over 190 kilometers of standard single-mode fiber using 64-QAM modulation at 69 Gbaud,” said Coriant.

It said the setup represented a typical Data Center Interconnect (DCI) application with terminal mux and demux functions enabled by the new Groove G30 OLS OMD-64 module that supports capacities of up to 38.4 Tbps per single fiber.

“The insatiable demand for bandwidth continues to drive the need for new levels of performance and efficiencies in optical networks,” said Uwe Fischer, Executive Vice President, R&D and PLM, and CTO, Coriant. “This successful 600G performance testing follows on expanded customer trial activity driven by CloudWave Optics’ proven ability to optimize transmission performance while significantly lowering power consumption and footprint.”

Coriant CloudWave T enables up to 4.8 Tbps of client-side and 4.8 Tbps of line-side traffic per 1RU in the industry-leading open and modular Groove G30 Network Disaggregation Platform. It enables service providers to cost effectively scale transport capacity up to 38.4 Tbps per fiber offering adaptive baud rates with unmatched fine granularity to turn unused spectral gaps into usable bandwidth.

The DSP technology based on a 16 nanometer CMOS process enables industry-leading power efficiency of only 0.16W per Gbps. The Groove G30 CHM2T Multiservice Transponder sled will be commercially available in January 2019. The Groove G30 Open Line System is already commercially available.

The recent 600 Gbps single wavelength, 64-QAM transmission testing was conducted at the company’s Optical Technology and Performance (OTP) labs in Munich, and is being showcased as part of a series of Technology Innovation Days for customers held at the company’s Customer Experience Center at the same facility.

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