Telstra rolls out regional 5G first in Toowoomba

Telstra has switched on 5G technology in Toowoomba, claiming the rollout made it the first regional community in Australia and one of the first places worldwide to be 5G ready.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn and Executive Director, Network & Infrastructure Engineering, Channa Seneviratne joined civic and business leaders at the Harristown base station in Toowoomba to launch 5G technology in a select area of the Queensland community.

“Telstra provides more network investment and mobile coverage across Australia than anyone else and regional Australia is an essential part of our 5G plans,”  Penn said. “5G devices are around the corner and when they are commercially available this network upgrade means the people of Toowoomba will be among the first people in the world to enjoy access to 5G services.

“Bringing the transformational technology of 5G to Toowoomba, a key regional centre and one of the fastest growing cities in the country, is exciting for the possibilities it will enable, be it in education, health, community services, business and agriculture,” he added.

“For a sector like agriculture, the fibre-like data speeds, low latency and high performance and capacity of 5G open up fantastic opportunities for growth. It’s an incredibly exciting time as we start to expand 5G coverage in capital cities as well as more regional centres over the coming months,” Penn said.

The telco plans to have some 200 5G-capable live sites nationwide by year’s end.

Telstra’s 5G rollout is underpinned by around A$5 billion in mobile network investment to 30 June 2019, consistent with previous guidance, to enhance the capacity, capability and reach of its network.

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