US firm DXC Technology picks Adelaide to stage first Build-A-Thon in Australia

US-based end-to-end IT services company DXC Technology will host some 130 leading technologists from around the world in Adelaide, who will be taking part in its first ever Build-A-Thon in Australia.

The two-week event, held from 20 to Friday 31 August, will see DXC experts using modern techniques adopted in its Digital Transformation Centres to evolve the company’s Platform DXC digital delivery platform.

By operating in small multi-disciplinary teams during the Build-A-Thon, participants will coordinate and deliver multiple high-impact projects at once, showcasing an agile and modern way of solving business problems, the firm said.

“The Build-A-Thon is an opportunity to see the DXC Technology team in full flight, and observe how we utilise our global capability and agile methods to deliver the next-generation of offerings in cyber, insurance, network and storage as service, ensuring they are ‘future-ready’ and can support the digital transformation of organisations in Australia and globally,” said DXC Technology ANZ MD Seelan Yadm.

DXC said the move built on the work it had been involved in alongside the South Australian Government and local businesses to create new and innovative technology services, “which will ultimately benefit South Australia and the broader Australian community.’

Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni said: “The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to creating a dynamic economy that fosters innovation and entrepreneurialism. It’s great to see global company DXC Technology recognising this, and choosing Adelaide as the site of their Australian first Build-A-Thon with leading tech experts. I look forward to seeing how the innovative digital solutions developed will benefit key service industry sectors in South Australia.”

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