Vertiv achieves Uptime Institute Tier IV rating for SmartAisle integration system

US critical infrastructure firm Vertiv’s SmartAisle service – a row-based system integrating racks, power, cooling, monitoring and control technologies – has been granted a TIER IV-Ready Certification by the Uptime Institute in Asia, the first in the firm’s IT and edge infrastructure suite in the region to achieve the distinction.

A TIER IV-Ready certification is the highest certification, signifying maximum reliability and efficiency of the service, Vertiv said, adding that the certification was awarded to a specific SmartAisle model only available in Asia.

“[It] was evaluated based on a number of factors, including design specification, site-specific information, network topology, as well as mechanical and electrical components,” Vertiv said.

The Uptime Institute found that the Vertiv SmartAisle supports a fault-tolerant design, with redundant capacity and modularity. “This enables the data centre to potentially function within the requirements of a total design for TIER IV certifications, according to the Uptime Institute,” Vertiv added.

The latest SmartAisle series offers a simplified, rapid deployment data centre design in a row-based system. “Its fully integrated features include power, thermal management, infrastructure management and monitoring, as well as racks and containment, offering considerable savings for data centre operators,” Vertiv said. “[It’s] modular and scalable depending on capacity requirements, and is capable of supporting deployments for Internet of Things  applications and edge computing networks.”

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