Equinix’s Hong Kong IBX data centre picked to support financial portal Investing.com’s APAC foray

Global financial portal Investing.com has deployed in Equinix’s International Business Exchange data centre in Hong Kong, as part  of a campaign to target the mainland Chinese market and provide regional customers with access to the latest news and market analysis via stable and fast IT services.

Equinix said the move – which follows previous rollouts in Dallas and Amsterdam facilities – allowed Investing.com to utilise the data centre firm’s Hong Kong Connect service to rapidly interconnect with business partners and end users, while also being able to optimise its regional and local network structure.

equinix_alex_tamEquinix Hong Kong MD Alex Tam welcomed the sign-up, saying the agreement would see it supporting Investing.com to effectively scale its digital infrastructure and move closer to the digital edge.

“Equinix has a long track record of helping global companies to capture the huge opportunities presented by the China market while simultaneously helping Chinese companies to expand overseas,” Tam added.

Investing.com previously served customers in the region via a data centre in Dallas. However, Equinix said, having to access data across this distance caused a latency of up to 250 milliseconds for its users.

HK1“By expanding to the Equinix Hong Kong facility, Investing.com is able to see an immediate reduction in latency, to an average of 50 milliseconds, which has enabled it to secure more users, more page views, more traffic and ultimately more business,” it said.

“Hong Kong is the ideal location for Investing.com as it has close proximity to mainland China and the wider Asia-Pacific region, offering access to a broad range of network services from 80+ providers,” the interconnection specialist said, adding that China is home to increasingly mature investors and brokers, keenly interested in overseas and domestic financial markets.

Citing its Global Interconnection Index, Equinix said  interconnection bandwidth in the APAC market is expected to increase fourfold by 2020, reaching 1,120 Tbps, with content and digital media tipped to grow at a CAGR of 34 per cent.

“Investing.com’s expansion highlights the need for decentralised IT infrastructure to deliver on the needs of today’s highly digital consumers,” said Equinix, noting that the Hong Kong deployment also enabled the financial portal to cut latency and deliver improved experiences in other key APAC markets like Australia and Japan.



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