Digital Realty to support critical enterprise applications with additional global onramps to IBM Cloud service

Digital Realty is set to expand dedicated, private access to the IBM Cloud in 15 major metropolitan areas worldwide.

The firm said the on-ramps helped ensure efficient and secure access to key enterprise applications in the IBM Cloud through Digital Realty’s Service Exchange platform, adding the move boosted the existing IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting rollouts across several continents within the data centre specialist’s global portfolio.

With the addition of Service Exchange, Digital Realty now provides three options for connecting to IBM Cloud, including Direct Link Dedicated Hosting, Direct Link Connect and Direct Link Dedicated.

Direct access to IBM Cloud is now available through the Digital Realty Service Exchange and IBM Cloud Direct Link via some 70 Digital Realty data centers in Sydney, Amsterdam, Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Phoenix, Portland, New York, Santa Clara, Seattle, Singapore, and Toronto.

chris-sharp“Providing enterprise connectivity to the extensive range of services available through IBM Cloud via Direct Link ensures customers not only have access to the compute and storage resources they need, but they are also able to leverage more advanced cloud applications like analytics, blockchain technology and the Internet of Things,” said Digital Realty CTO Chris Sharp.

“Businesses are turning to the cloud to extract new value from their data and deliver better customer experiences faster than ever before,” added IBM Cloud VP of Network Kit Linton.

“The combination of Digital Realty’s extensive global reach and highly resilient connectivity from IBM Cloud Direct Link can help businesses build the protected, hybrid cloud environment they need to innovate at scale.”

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