Big Switch Networks unveils new cloud-first networking suite in key hybrid cloud networking push

Big Switch Networks has launched its Cloud-First Networking portfolio, featuring a range of new products and capabilities designed to accelerate hybrid cloud networking.

The CFN portfolio addresses hybrid cloud networking design challenges, by bringing public cloud networking on-premises, as opposed to hardware-centric vendors’ approaches which typically center on adapting legacy on-premises products for use in public clouds.

douglasmurray-001“Since the company’s inception, our focus has been on cloud principles,” said Big Switch Networks CEO Douglas Murray. “With our Cloud-First Networking innovations, we have partnered with our customers to build solutions that make the network a first class citizen in a multi cloud world.”

“Organizations around the globe face the same networking challenges when it comes to hybrid cloud, and with CFN we are able to help organizations deploy applications more seamlessly and more efficiently by eliminating the network roadblock,” Murray added.

Big Switch said it’s the first to launch key cloud networking features on-prem, with a portfolio that builds from there with a swathe of corresponding in-cloud products – effectively introducing a multi-cloud management system.

Its current on-prem products, Big Cloud Fabric – Enterprise Cloud (BCF-EC) and Big Monitoring Fabric – Enterprise Cloud (BMF-EC), offer key public cloud networking and monitoring features to on-prem workloads shipping in the next software release.

Building on these, the firm has announced two new public cloud products, Big Cloud Fabric – Public Cloud (BCF-PC) and Big Monitoring Fabric – Public Cloud (BMF-PC) for corresponding in-cloud deployments.

Finally, the company has unveiled Multi-Cloud Director, a system for consistent hybrid design across on-prem sites, across clouds and across on-prem/in-cloud combinations of networking and monitoring fabrics.

Product Availability
● Enterprise Cloud VPCs
○ BMF-EC with flow and packet visibility is generally available (GA) today
○ BCF-EC with VPC intelligence will be available for beta in Q3, 2018
● BMF-PC for AWS will be in GA Q3, 2018
● BCF-PC for AWS will be available for beta in Q4, 2018
● Multi-cloud Director will be generally available in Q4, 2018

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