Impact7 Melbourne set to showcase best of life changing Australian research

Visions for new energy sources, water-smart cities, and solutions to pressing medical issues like Ebola and muscular degeneration will amaze and inspire attendees at IMPACT7 2018. T

The latest wave of impactful Australian research will be showcased at IMPACT7 on Thursday 9 August 2018 at the Carson Conference Centre, ANMF, 535 Elizabeth St, Melbourne in partnership with CSIRO.

Learn from and be inspired by researchers across Australia making a huge impact in areas such as:

Retinal degeneration – Joshua Chu-Tan, ANU
Treating age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the developed world.

Overcoming barriers to using ethanol as fuel – Geoff Doherty, University of Newcastle
Transforming agricultural and forestry waste into biofuel and green chemicals.

Water-sensitive cities – Katie Hammer, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
Helping cities work towards a water-sensitive, livable future.

Using plant biotechnology to decontaminate Australia soils – Megan Phillips, UTS
Improving soil and community health through reducing heavy metal contamination.

Oxygen storage to save lives – Bryn Sobott, The University of Melbourne
Using a low pressure oxygen storage system to assist in treating child pneumonia in the developing world.

Myofab muscle fabrication – Alasdair Wood, Currie Lab
Manufacturing muscles for patients with debilitating muscle-wasting conditions.

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