OPPO looks for handset sweet spot with release of Find X

Shenzhen-based smartphone maker OPPO has launched the Find X device, a new flagship device with a sliding structure that completely disguises the cameras.

Unveiled during a presentation at the Louvre Museum in Paris, OPPO said the new flagship device combines innovative technologies with groundbreaking design, “pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a smartphone.”

OPPO Find X - Product Image

The Find X features a number of new innovations including a new smartphone design, improved 3D camera technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) performance improvements.

“We’re excited to be announcing our latest device in the OPPO Find Series and we look forward to bringing it to the Australian market. The device will be sure to challenge what Aussie consumers think is possible with a smartphone,” said Michael Tran, Executive Director at OPPO Australia.

“OPPO’s relentless efforts in creating smartphones that push the boundaries led to the creation of the Find Series,” Tran said. “The Find X continues this trend and has delivered new innovations that will resonate with Aussie consumers and challenge the status quo in the Australian smartphone market.”


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