BlackBerry expands ANZ enterprise, cybersecurity partner networks

BlackBerry has used its inaugural security summit in Sydney to announce the addition of several new channel partners in Australia and New Zealand to its Global Enterprise Partner Program (BEPP), offering BlackBerrySecure software and cybersecurity consulting services to customers in the region.

The firm said Fujitsu, Australian Projects (APRO), Origin IT and Anderson Morgan were partnering with it help organisations in healthcare, finance, government and other industries to secure all endpoints, drive productivity through secure collaboration and offer cybersecurity expertise to address IT skills gaps.

“Our strategy has been to design BlackBerry Secure solutions and services to anticipate trends impacting hyperconnected organisations,” said Blackberry global channels VP Richard McLoud. “As well as software that secures all endpoints, we offer dedicated cybersecurity teams to help companies address new regulatory laws or mitigate threats to their data, whether it’s a hacker or member of staff. Together with our partners here and around the world, we are focused on enabling the workforce, workplace and workflows for greater business outcomes.”

BlackBerry said the enterprise security landscape had shifted, with organisations now required to manage a network of endpoints which are physical (smartphones, tablets, wearables, sensors) and digital (messaging, files, voice and texts). It said these connected ‘things’ share data and transform how we work and solve problems, but they also leave companies vulnerable to breaches.

“This is what BlackBerry calls the Enterprise of Things (EoT) and is addressing the challenge with an end-to-end EoT platform comprised of its enterprise communication and collaboration software and safety-certified embedded solutions,” the firm added.


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