Avaya and Washington DC-based provider of applied artificial intelligence and analytics Afiniti have struck a strategic partnership to improve enterprise customer experience and contact centre performance through integrating artificial intelligence into contact center routing technology.

Founded in 2000, Afiniti specialises in targeted pairing services. Its proposition is its ability to measurably increase contact centre revenue by 4-6%, the firm said.

Afiniti delivers this lift using its patented Artificial Intelligence technology to identify psychographic and demographic pairings between customers and agents which are more optimal than the random ‘longest waiting agent / longest waiting caller’ strategy, traditionally deployed in contact centers. 

Under the terms of the collaboration, Afiniti will natively integrate its Enterprise Behavioral Pairing offering with Avaya’s Contact Center platform.

“Every enterprise is looking to get more out of their contact center, and AI is the next major shift in the way contact centers operate,” said Avaya president and CEO Jim Chirico. “Working with Afiniti provides a unique, proven AI offering, and is another example of Avaya investing in transformative technologies to deliver unparalleled contact center performance to companies around the world.”

Avaya added that the partnership will deliver an AI edition of its Aura Call Center Elite offering in the third quarter this year, allowing companies to use behavioural pairing for both on-premises and cloud deployments. “Following this will be integration with Avaya proactive Outreach Manager and Avaya Oceana,” it said.