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Motorola bags A$261m deal to overhaul Victoria emergency services’ radio net

Motorola Solutions Australia has won an A$261 million contract with the Victoria state government to expand and upgrade the mission-critical radio network serving Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and that state’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

The deal is a seven-year extension of an existing partnership and includes an option to extend for a further five years.

In addition to upgrading the Metropolitan Mobile Radio network (MMR), Motorola Solutions will deliver a suite of upgraded data services and incremental safety capabilities, including GPS and location services, designed to enable agencies to better manage their vehicles and personnel.

“The service will also provide customised online reporting, giving agencies valuable information about their radio network usage,” said Motorola Solutions.

Motorola Solutions VP and MD Steve Crutchfield said the win was the product of a comprehensive 12-month negotiation, over which time the firm was able to add further value to the contract.

rr“That includes the enhanced data services, incremental safety features including GPS and location services as well as customised online reporting to provide valuable information about use of the service,” Crutchfield told Telecom Times.

“In essence, our opportunity to win this contract came from the successful delivery of mission-critical voice communications to Victorian emergency services during the past 13 years,” he added. “Over that time, we have met and exceeded stringent KPIs for performance of the network and ensured that first responders have access to an extremely secure, digitally encrypted and reliable network that is always there for them, whatever they are facing.”

“Emergency services depend on having ‘always on’, secure and reliable communications for their daily work,” Crutchfield emphasized. “Now, in extending the service beyond 20 years, we plan to deliver continued innovation and incremental improvements to MMR.”

As part of the contract extension, Motorola Solutions will also deliver a trial of its software-defined push-to-talk offering to extend radio network access to more users via broadband.

The upgrade will also provide public safety agencies’ with a strategic interface to their Triple Zero emergency call and dispatch systems, enabling them to access more services and data-based capabilities over time.



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