Nutanix notes 74% AHV hypervisor adoption by US federal gov’t customers in 2017

Nutanix has flagged record adoption of its AHV hypervisor within the federal  US government vertical in calendar 2017, with 74% of all Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS nodes sold to federal agencies last year taking up the offering.

This was compared to 30 per cent adoption by the Nutanix worldwide customer base, based on a rolling four-quarter average. A hypervisor is a program enabling the hosting of several different virtual machines on a single hardware.

“The demands on federal IT customers couldn’t be higher. They are facing increasing pressure to modernise systems and implement heightened security, all while reducing costs,” said Dheeraj Pandey, co-founder and CEO of Nutanix. “Nutanix’s momentum in the federal vertical demonstrates that customers are increasingly… pulling back from ‘one-size-fits-all’ public cloud strategies and placing a greater emphasis on hybrid ecosystems to modernise their legacy systems.”

In addition to growth in AHV adoption, Nutanix’s federal business saw some key  milestones during the last fiscal year, including the addition of about 100 new customers, including component organisations within the US Departments of Defence, Commerce, Interior, Energy, Health and Human Services, the US Federal Court system and federal systems integrators.

The firm also signed up 20 new federal customers with total investments valued at more than US$1 million each, an 82 per cent increase from the number of customers in the previous fiscal year.




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