Vodafone has partnered with Continental to develop a new smart tyre monitoring system, designed to prevent costly tyre- related breakdowns.
Aimed at commercial vehicle fleet operators, the ContiConnect platform is currently deployed in the US, Canada, Malaysia and Thailand, with more markets in Europe and Asia slated to take up the offering in 2018 and next year.
Vodafone said the ContiConnect platform uses the Internet of Things to communicate tyre temperature and pressure data to a central web portal via the wireless network, allowing fleet managers to continuously monitor the data for their entire fleet. "The system sends alerts via e-mail or SMS to the fleet manager if tyre pressure or temperature deviate from the defined value and suggests corrective measures where necessary,” it said.
“This is a great example of how IoT can make real world differences in so many unexpected places, said Vodafone IoT director Stefano Gestaut. "This ensures that truck drivers experience fewer tyre-related breakdowns and accidents – making the roads a safer place to be for every vehicle user.”