8X8 to transform enterprise comms with new collaboration suite

San Jose based cloud communications specialist 8×8 has flagged the launch of X Series, a new platform bringing a together call, collaboration, conferencing and contact center services to help businesses capitalize on the ever more crucial customer experience opportunity.
"It’s a new platform that combines robust communications, collaboration, conferencing and contact center solutions to help businesses win in the new battlefield where customer experience is everything," the firm’s APAC and Japan VP Brendan Maree told Telecom Times.
"Many enterprises today have siloed point solutions and separate platforms for voice, contact center, collaboration, and conferencing," added the firm. "This historical approach to communication involves costly infrastructure and results in slow time to resolution, fragmented interaction data, and disjointed analytics.8×8 changes this paradigm today by introducing X Series."
X Series, the company continued, transforms the customer experience by providing enterprises with the means to quickly collaborate in the cloud with access their most critical data, analysis and experts.
"With customers and employees interacting through wrfg one system of engagement, enterprises can also now optimize valuable moments of engagement with one set of data in one system of intelligence," it said.
Key features include:
Context-Rich Engagements: 8×8 X Series arms contact center agents and employees with complete context before they start a conversation. X Series has native CRM built-in and also integrates with third-party solutions like Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Zendesk and NetSuite to provide rich contextual insights such as previous engagements and preferences.
Collaborative Contact Center: X Series allows businesses to harness the collective insights of the organization through real-time collaboration with peers and instant access to subject matter experts. Companies can significantly increase performance by empowering their employees to move from chat to voice to video to web conferencing with one click.
Advanced Customer Journey Analytics: Instead of piecing together data from multiple systems, X Series provides the enterprise with a view of the customer journey from the moment they reach the contact center through to issue resolution. In addition, X Series offers advanced analytics based on a single data-set for all employee and customer interactions that enable the enterprise to continuously improve the customer experience.

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