Spark fibre processing robot takes home customer experience award

A Spark robot, which processes fibre orders for connections, plan changes and address moves, has taken top honours at the Intelligent Automation Awards in Sydney, winning Best Robotic Automation Bot for Customer Experience.
The robot was developed by Spark after its staff highlighted the order processing as an area where automation could help, and now automates highly manual and repetitive processes which are prone to errors.
“[They] consumed a lot of time and could cause frustration for staff who had to revisit orders where errors had occurred,” Spark said.
The award, presented as part of the Intelligent Automation Sydney 2018 conference recognises robotic automation bots that significantly improve the delivery of customer experience.
Spark said the robot had greatly reduced the potential for errors , adding that orders were now processed faster, meaning customers don’t have to wait so long to get connected.
The telco said the team that once spent their working hours entering the data to process orders have moved into new positions as part of the team designing and creating robots at Spark.
Kallol Dutta, Spark GM of delivery and automation (pictured above right with Spark Automation Hub lead, Lisa Chapman) , said the win confirms for Spark that its approach to automation and what it is achieving ‘is resulting in some great success’.
“The way we work changes when we empower our teams with new tools,” Dutta said.
“The Automation Hub is helping Spark deliver its customers a better experience and delivering real commercial benefit, and it’s only the start.
“I can’t wait to see this come to life more in future for our staff and customers.”

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