US big data analytics specialist Guavus and Mumbai-based mobile data network service provider Jio have struck a key partnership, aimed at boosting the customer experience for the telco provider through artificial intelligence driven analytics.

Under the collaboration, Guavus’ AI-based services will provide real-time customer experience analytics as well as predictive analytics to automate network troubleshooting, along with marketing insights to Jio.

According to Guavus, the partnership will allow Jio to offer a dramatically improved service to its customers while addressing critical service operations with intelligent automation.

“The rapid growth, range and affordability of Jio’s service offerings and their innovative use of AI and analytics is transformative for their customers and India,” said Anukool Lakhina, Guavus Founder and President.

Jio, which has some 300 million subscribers, has created a completely digital experience for its users – including data services on smartphones, home gigabit Internet, and a suite of media services and IoT devices for the home such as smart speakers and switches.

“Our networks generate 4 to 5 petabytes of data each day. If this data can be properly analyzed in real-time using big data analytics and predictive analytics techniques, we can both improve the health of our network through intelligent automation and offer multiple, customized personal services to our customers,” said Anish Shah, President of IT, Reliance Jio.

“Guavus’ solutions enable us to do this – we can make data-driven decisions that allow us to deliver a great experience to our customers while bringing intelligent automation to our operations.”