Motorola launches new moto g7 for Australia in key Telstra partnership

Motorola has announced the launch of the new moto g7 power with Telstra. The moto g7 power, the latest Motorola handset to compliment the moto g7 range of smartphone devices, is being made available from today on the Telstra network.

The manufacturer said the partnership marked an exciting new time for Motorola and for the midrange smartphone market. “Manufacturers and carriers are increasingly recognising the value of this market and is anticipating huge growth for the ANZ region over the coming years,” it added. “This is reinforced in comments by analyst firm Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi who says the mid-range market is ‘starting to heat up’ and is seeing a number of well known brands increasing their presence in this arena.”

The moto g7 power features Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) status and meets elevated enterprise requirements making it simple for businesses to confidently select, deploy and manage Android devices. It comes with up to 3-days of battery life, has a 6.2” HD+ display and a 12MP rear camera.

The device, which retails through Motorola online as a dual sim variant at $349, will also be available at Telstra as the exclusive carrier, as a single sim variant on a range of packages including a $59/month plan with zero upfront cost for the handset or $336 outright.

“We know many of our customers want affordable smartphone options with the latest software which is why we’re excited to be introducing the moto g7 power, providing our customers with more choice when connecting to Australia’s fastest mobile network,” said Kevin Teoh, Head of Consumer at Telstra.

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