Sky and Space Global has signed a binding reseller memorandum of understanding agreement with Globe Teleservices (GTS), an Indian international telecom services provider with additional offices located at Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore.

According to the MoU, SAS and GTS will collaborate to explore how GTS will become a key reseller of the SAS service with the intent for GTS to include these in its offering.

“We are happy to move forward with Globe Teleservices following our meetings at Africa last month,” said Sky and Space Global MD and CEO Meir Moalem.

“This agreement further expands our commercial coverage for the Indian peninsula and the surrounding region.”

ASX-listed SAS plans to deploy a constellation of 200 highly sophisticated nano-satellites over the Equatorial Belt.

Once rolled out, the network will provide around the clock affordable voice, data, instant messaging, M2M and IoT comms, enabling the firm to implement its vision to provide communication services to anyone, anywhere, anytime.