Equinix hitches shared ride with Israel’s Iguazio to drive APAC smart mobility development

Equinix has struck an agreement with Israel-based firm Iguazio to enable a single unified data platform to power continuous analytics and event-driven applications at scale.

Grafting Iguazio’s Continuous Data platform on Platform Equinix will enable a real time service for high performance AI and event-driven applications to optimise performance in the APAC smart mobility industry.

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Iguazio’s CDP offering simplifies the development and deployment of high-volume, real-time, data-driven applications.

“As Asia-Pacific nations progress with smart city plans, so does the pressure for technology providers to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of customers,” said Equinix APAC president Samuel Lee. “At Equinix, our close collaboration with Iguazio is testament to our commitment to helping ride-hailing players, such as PickMe, to digitally transform the industry as the region embraces smart mobility

According to Equinix, ride-hailing services in Southeast Asia are expected to continue to grow in popularity, with six million rides booked through platforms daily.

“This, along with the booming internet economy in the region, is leading to an increased demand for interconnection that can enable businesses to securely and directly connect with customers, partners and service providers,” said Equinix.

Iguazio, which simplifies the development and deployment of real time AI applications, leverages Platform Equinix to ensure that customers have the freedom to run at the edge for real time processing and reliability, while benefiting from multiple clouds for compute elasticity.

Equinix said this new hybrid cloud offering allows companies offering smart mobility to manage data intelligently and gain actionable business insights, ensuring reduced latency, maximised performance and fine-grained security.

Indeed, the combination of large data volumes and AI deployed in hybrid environments provided by Equinix and Iguazio enables PickMe, Sri Lanka’s leading on-demand transportation app, to achieve better utilisation of data and ultimately deliver a more seamless door-to-door transport service, Equinix said.


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