Mivatek Smart Connect flags APT smart home-as-a-service win in new telco, APAC focus

San Francisco based mobile interactive security specialist Mivatek Smart Connect has inked a partnership agreement with Taiwan headquartered ISP Asia Pacific Telecom, enabling the telco to use Mivatek’s range of plug-n-play Smart Home services to launch its first connected home offering.

bb“We are excited about serving global service providers and brand owners with our turnkey Smart-Connect-as-a-Service,” said Mivatek CEO Joe Liu, flagging the firm’s new focus on telcos, ISPs and brand owners - with a particular emphasis on the APAC region.

As part of the agreement, Mivatek’s mobile-cloud IoT platform and smart devices will form the basis of APT’s Home Guardian program, billed as a primary DIY MIY Smart Home service. The partnership will allow APT to provide its 1.9 million customers with a turnkey video-integrated interactive security, safety, and wellness service. Features include ‘one-touch-to-responder capabilities offering video-integrated protection and control.


“The collaborative protection design allows the user, their family members, caregivers, and even neighbours to protect their homes and achieve peace of mind,” said Mivatek.

Additional capabilities of APT’s Home Guardian system include:

  • Multi-point installation: Use a single account to simultaneously manage devices in different locations and monitor multiple locations at the same time.
  • Collaborative protection: Five family members can be authorized to receive instant video push notifications and five emergency contacts.
  • Service in tandem: Strengthen the home security/care function

“We see great opportunity in the APAC market and intend to continue our expansion into this area,” Liu told Telecom Times. “We have serviced the global market since our inception but more recently we’ve made a decision that the APAC market can be integral to our future growth.”

“The Asia-Pacific Telecom connected partnership reflects our end-to-end capability; where APT not only gets access to our comprehensive connected RMR opportunity but also valuable video-IoT device data acquisition, analytics, and mobile-push-DM services,” Liu added.

In terms of the expected uptake of the Mivatek proposition in the region, Liu classed the geography as an ultra-high growth, connected premises market, currently dominated by internet technology leaders like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

“Some companies have learned that if they are lagging behind on connected-premise solutions, they will not be able to gain any traction or control with consumers, their premises data and future business,” he said.

“I expect all service providers and brand owners will start to collect premise-data, provide analytics, AI, even build their own private data centers and offer connected premise solutions and service to maintain their online and off-line business growth.”




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