Mudgee’s Harbour first RSP to offer NBN Co’s new 50Mbps residential fibre plan

Mudgee-based telco Harbour ISP has launched a new NBN residential fibre plan, offering its customers a higher internet broadband performance at current pricing levels.

Harbour said it’s the first RSP to go live with the new wholesale service, which is based on NBN Co’s new NBN 50 wholesale bundle. Starting immediately, existing Harbour ISP customers connecting via NBN Co’s Coffs Harbour and Dubbo points of interconnect are automatically upgraded from 25/5 Mbps to 50/20 Mbps under its Standard NBN fibre plan.

“This will see a gigantic improvement in end-user experience for all NBN fibre customers, with the vast majority migrated to these bundle products over time as NBN Co tweaks its pricing models to ensure they are the only viable option for RSPs,” said Harbour ISP director Charles Tym.

“The NBN has been suffering from poor user experience because RSPs have been stuffing too many customers into a given pipe size. Thanks to Bill Morrow and his product innovation team, that problem has been fixed with a very cleverly engineered solution. By adding more than adequate network capacity into the 50 and 100 Mbps product bundles, there is no way now for an RSP to diddle the customer with the bundle products,” said Tym.

Tyn said Morrow - who recently flagged he will step down by year’s end - had always been accessible, approachable and committed to delivering on the original promise of the NBN.

‘When there were major issues around the delivery of the Long Term Satellite System there was a critical meeting in Bill’s office when the full scale of the technical problems were made clear to him over the head of the responsible executive,” Tym recalled. “When an aide reminded him that the scheduled time for the meeting was almost up, Bill shot back, ‘Well clear your f#[email protected] diaries we need to get this sorted out’.”

New customers in the NSW regions covered by the Coffs Harbour and Dubbo POIs can sign up to the new Standard plan for A$59 a month with 250GB data included, and an additional A$10 a month for unlimited data.

This amounts to an A$20 saving per month on the equivalent plan under NBN Co’s former wholesale bundle, according to Harbour ISP, which said it will shortly roll out the same offer to customers across NBN Co’s national POI network.

“Today is the most important day for the NBN since Senator Conroy first announced the original project, with NBN Co starting the delivery of its new wholesale bundles,” continued Tym. “The new bundle combines into a single product and fee both the tail – or access – and network capacity elements of an NBN service. Customers are for the first time ensured a quality user experience because they are guaranteed a minimum and adequate amount of bandwidth.”

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