NBN announces monthly progress report

The government-owned company building Australia’s national broadband network has moved to quell concerns around its performance, launching what it called a "monthly progress report" it says will allow Australians to track its performance.
According to the NBN Co, the report documents its performance in "improving its service quality, co-operation with industry partners and progress with the network rollout".
It includes measures such as the number of homes and businesses which can connect to the NBN access network, network congestion levels, the percentage of homes and businesses on a 50 Mbps (download) wholesale speed plan or higher, installations completed right the first time, and the average number of faults.
Brad Whitcomb, NBN Co’s chief customer officer of residential, said the company had listened to the feedback of the community and launched the report because it wanted to "assure all Australians that end-user’s customer experience is the number one priority of every employee working at NBN Co".
“Our team has been working very hard over the course of the last 12 months as the network became available to a critical mass, to help ensure the experience of connecting and using services over the NBN access network is meeting and exceeding end-user’s expectations," Whitcomb said.
He added that "significant progress" had been made to improve the speeds delivered during peak hours, with internet and phone providers now provisioning more bandwidth on the network than before NBN Co announced its new wholesale pricing options.
"This has helped to relieve bandwidth congestion on the network from an average of around four hours to 12 minutes per week and to deliver improved broadband services for millions of Australians," he said.
“We’ve also demonstrated we will prioritise the experience of people who have connected to the NBN access network, over the pace of rollout, by temporarily pausing sales on our HFC network until we can ensure the network delivers the optimal service it is capable of."
As at February, the report showed, among other statistics, that:
6.3 million homes and businesses were ready-to-connect;3. 6 million Homes and businesses were connected;89 per cent of installations were connected correctly the first time;92 per cent of installations met agreed installation times;The average number of minutes of bandwidth congestion per week per service was 12 hours;The estimated monthly average percentage of homes and businesses who experience NBN access network congestion was 0.119%; andThe number of faults on the NBN access network per 100 homes or businesses per month was 1

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